Sunday, March 15, 2020

Prevalence of Female Circumcision Essays

Prevalence of Female Circumcision Essays Prevalence of Female Circumcision Paper Prevalence of Female Circumcision Paper In the case of Nawal who faces the hard task of deciding whether to let her daughter circumcised or not, I would insist that adhering to cultural tradition does not denote putting the life of her dear daughter at stake. By all means I would make her see the consequences of the operation for it may fulfill tradition but her daughter’s life may only add to the statistics of unfortunate women who perished while undergoing the operation. I would advise Nawal that saving her daughter’s life and protecting her from probable harm do not violate any law and any tradition, and advise her to make the other family members see the extreme health hazards of the practice, not to mention the depravation of female sexual fulfillment and furthermore, I would show Nawal strong evidences of medical risks of female circumcision. Perhaps her other family members are not that insensitive to turn a blind eye on the thought of losing one of their relatives because of some ancient practice which possesses no benefit and all hazards. And also, I would make Nawal understand that the health, life, and well-being of her daughter come first and foremost than anything with regards to religion, tradition or culture. With all due respect, the culture or heritage of a person should be viewed with utmost value. Virtually all Americans possess an ancestry that is not American – of British, Italian, German, Asian, African, almost of all nationalities. But the case of female circumcision possesses no place in today’s society. Realistically speaking, it is the most hypocrite and disguised manner to degrade the female gender. FGM suppresses the rights of a woman to sexual fulfillment, to a better status in society, and shames her in the most unimaginable and inhumane way. By all means, FGM must be outlawed. No disrespect intended to those people practicing it and to those who already have undergone the operation, but the practice is simply barbaric, ancient and only fit for uncivilized, cannibalistic, and atheistic societies. Circumcision of women worldwide is a form of violence â€Å"against their quest for equality, justice and equity. † (Okume, 2007). References: Davidson, M. E. (2007). Female Circumcision: What Medical Students Should Know. Oxford Medical School Gazette, 2, Retrieved July 8, 2007, from medsci. ox. ac. uk/gazette/previousissues/54vol1/Part2 Kluge, E. (1993 January 15). Female circumcision: When Medical Ethics confronts cultural values. CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL, 148, Retrieved July 8, 2007, From cirp. org/library/legal/Canada/kluge1/ Michael, M. (2007 June 29). Egypt Officials Ban Female Circumcision. Associated Press, Retrieved July 8, 2007, from http://0-www. sfgate. com. mill1. sjlibrary. org/cgi bin/article. cgi? f=/n/a/2007/06/29/international/i171552D82. DTL Mwangi, R. , Smith-Stoner, M. (2002). Caring for the Patient Who Has Undergone Female Circumcision. Home Healthcare Nurse, 1, Retrieved July 8, 2007, from homehealthcarenurseonline. com/pt/re/homehealthnurse/fulltext. Okin, S. (2007). Retrieved July 8, 2007, from What about female genital mutilation? And why\ understanding culture matters in the first place Web site: http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_qa3671/is_200010/ai_n8920226

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