Monday, January 6, 2020

Analysis Of Departure By Alexandra Felix - 1008 Words

De ·par ·ture; the action of leaving, typically to start a journey. The word departure meant something different in the story Departure by Alexandra Felix. Divorce, something very hard to go through and sometimes it may be for the better. Many hard decisions have to be made during the process of divorce but are they going to be the right ones? As the mom sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night and is getting ready to go out the door, a surprise greets her and said something that may have impacted the whole situation. The story Departure is not a flash fiction according to the class requirements. The length and the plot play a big role in the flash fiction requirments. According to our class fiction requirements, a flash fiction should†¦show more content†¦Through the text we have in infer a lot and there were many clues in the story that helped us infer that this story was about divorce. We have to infer the conflict and what the character are like. They must be not getting along at this point in life because she is doing something behind his back and the mom thinks he has also done things behind her back. The same things go with the dialog. Although there is not much dialog in the story, when there is, it is really meaningful and it serves a good purpose in the story and it helps advance the plot. If there was no dialog the story would not have ended up the way it did. For example, â€Å"‘He laughs. Momma, you forgot me already! I think if the little boy would never had asked to hell her a joke, the moms view on leaving wouldnt have changed. This piece of ev idence left the reader with a lot questions and things that we had to infer. According to the class requirements, inference and dialog follow the requirements but others dont. Inference and dialog fit the flash fiction requirements, but does irony and theme? More flash fiction requirements that have to be present in the story are theme and irony. In the story Departure, there is one theme but it comes in at the end of the story when the son tells the joke. When a kids says

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